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  1. I Anna Colon wish you a good day and am asking for any programs that provide decent subsidized housing for the disabled in the new York city area.
    I will greatly appreciate this information and hope you have the best and happiest new year ever

    • Yes Anna we do supportive housing in NJ. This link provides more information.

  2. My name is Katherine and I have worked many years for the homeless and mentally ill. I live in Florida 28 years in Miami. I was asked to get disability at age 37 very hard when, I loved my job. I have been a strong advocate for programs like yours.

    And I think that what your doing is wonderful. I am now 50 and have you ever considered Miami, maybe one for just women that are HIV positive and need affordable housing. I grew up in Bergen County New Jersey I’d love to find out more about your program and would like to congratulate your organization.

    I’m now going back to the job I love. Can you send a newsletter to me? I know from experience that you have to love what you do it sounds like it comes from all of your hearts that’s rare these days. May the New Year bring your organization continued success. Thank you for being the humanitarian you all are.


    Katherine Alvarez

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