Miguel Discusses How Not Having an Affordable Home Affected His Health On Wednesday, July 24, 2019, Miguel Rodriguez will speak at the Congressional Reception in Washington, DC. Miguel will discuss his experience with homelessness and the need for housing and homeless assistance programs.  Miguel lives in Magnolia, New Jersey, and is a constituent of US […]

Speakers Feel Excited and Prepared to Advocate that Opportunity Starts at Home on July 24 With less than a week left until the 2019 Congressional Reception, Monarch Housing Associates, our sponsoring organizations and especially our impact speakers, are ready! The impact speakers are working hard to ensure they effectively advocate for various housing programs. Our impact […]

David Discusses his Experience with Homelessness and Importance of Healthcare Along with thirteen other impact speakers on Wednesday, July 24, David will share his story of homelessness and recovery with elected officials and attendees at the 2019 Congressional Reception. He is grateful for the assistance and support that he has received and hopes that elected […]

Susan Tells her Story of a Lengthy Wait for Housing Choice Vouchers Susan Biegen, a mother and case manager, will speak about experiencing homelessness at this year’s Congressional Reception in Washington, DC. Susan, joined by thirteen others, will speak to their elected officials about the importance of funding critical housing programs.  It is not too […]

The House of Representative Passed its 2020 Spending Package… Here’s what You Need to Know to Take Action On Wednesday, a nearly $1 trillion Spending Package for FY 2020 passed in the U.S. House of Representatives. Two hundred twenty-six U.S. Representatives voted for the package and 203 voting against it. According to the National Low Income […]