HUD CoC Support

Monarch has provided support to communities in completing HUD Continuum of Care applications since 2002. Monarch currently provides support to 13 of the 16 Continuums of Care in New Jersey on CoC application preparation. Below is a sample of the services Monarch offers to communities related to the Continuum of Care Process:



Preparation of CoC Application – Monarch staff work with communities year round to facilitate the development of a comprehensive CoC application. The first part of the process includes a full assessment of prior application scores and review of the community planning process. Recommendations are provided to communities around planning protocols, strategic plans, monitoring and system outcomes. Staff members assist in all aspects of the CoC reporting process including Grant Inventory Worksheets, Housing Inventory Chart, Point in Time Count, System Performance Measures and the CoC application. Monarch provides support to communities in developing and administering a local selection process and budget development. Technical assistance is provided to all project applicants to ensure complete and accurate project application submissions.



Program & System Monitoring – Monarch provides assistance to CoCs in monitoring of project and system performance. Project performance reviews include development of monitoring standards and tools, assistance with completing project monitoring and technical assistance to projects to improve outcomes. System monitoring includes review of periodic review of HUD system performance standards, identification of data quality issues, analysis of performance data and assistance with development of strategies to improve performance.



Planning Oversight – Monarch provides assistance to CoCs to support implementation of an effective planning process. This includes a review of participating stakeholders, support in agenda development, meeting facilitation and development of planning activities timelines to ensure compliance with HUD requirements. Services are tailored to community needs and may also include preparation of communication items and development of materials to facilitate conversation during CoC meetings.



Grant Management – Monarch provides support to CoC grantees to ensure compliance with HUD regulations. Grant Management activities include project start-up technical assistance & support, program audits, support in developing project management and implementation plans and assistance in completing HUD required submissions.

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