What is NJCounts?

NJCounts is the annual Point-in-Time (PIT) Count of individuals and families experiencing homelessness in New Jersey. As required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the count takes place during the last 10 days of January and identifies those persons residing in emergency shelters, transitional housing programs, safe havens and living on the streets or other locations not fit for dwelling. In New Jersey, NJCounts is coordinated on a single day across the state allowing for comparable data across all communities from year to year. Monarch Housing Associates has coordinated NJCounts since 2014 as commissioned by the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency. Monarch is proud to partner with local governments, service providers, community advocates and volunteers to conduct NJCounts as we work to collect critical data that assists communities in developing a deeper understanding of the need as they work to end homelessness.

Monarch's Role

Monarch Housing Associates has coordinated NJCounts for the state of New Jersey since 2014. In this role Monarch supports NJCounts through the following activities:

  • Prepare the annual survey;
  • Provide training to community members on the PIT and survey completion;
  • Organize data collection;
  • Analyze survey results; and
  • Prepare the final NJCounts reports.

Monarch has worked alongside all 21 counties in New Jersey to evaluate and identify ways to improve the data collection process as well as bring in new community partners to enhance the NJCounts process.

Monarch provides support to the NJCounts efforts through the provision of survey tools, trainings and technical assistance in completing the annual count. Please see below for available resources to assist in NJCounts activities.

Data Collection GuideQuick Reference GuideAbbreviations GuideNJCounts Point-in-Time SurveyNJCounts Point-in-Time Survey (Fillable PDF)NJCounts Point-in-Time Survey - SpanishShelter Summary Form2023 NJ PIT Count Training RegistrationProject Homeless Connect Events and Outreach Teams2023 NJ PIT Count Volunteer Opportunities

PIT Training Recording:

Tuesday, January 3 1pm https://youtu.be/ldemxPI0kQ4
Thursday, January 5 10am https://youtu.be/8TOvXsJf9Nc
Tuesday, January 10 10am https://youtu.be/mkDWNhLwYBc
Thursday, January 12 1pm https://youtu.be/_sQ_ZT2t1lk
Tuesday, January 17 1pm https://youtu.be/2AM0-YLMvFA


Thursday, January 19

10am https://youtu.be/IUgBpep43dc
Outreach & Engagement Training https://youtu.be/vt9pcax9UnE
HMIS Training https://youtu.be/SRHTACUh5-c
Shelter Summary Form Training https://youtu.be/T-p9H3jkZ8E
SurveyMonkey Training https://youtu.be/q51Bw24yAYY

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