Public Policy

Since inception, Monarch Housing Associates has integrated public policy and advocacy work into the core component of our agency’s activities.  Public Policy change and Advocacy are critical to ensuring we have the resources necessary to achieve a vision of New Jersey where every person has quality affordable, permanent housing that fosters freedom, independence and community integration.

Monarch’s core policy activities focus on ensuring the spirit of reform and policy change meet program implementation.  We also lend our expertise of grassroot struggles related to affordable housing development and homeless service delivery to larger policy and legislative conversations.  Our goal is to create models and ideas for change in both policy development and implementation at all levels.  We focus on supporting system improvements and building partnerships that engage all impacted stakeholders in the conversation of change.

Drawing from our expertise in affordable and supportive housing development and homeless system strategic planning, we focus our public policy work in four key ways:

  • Legislation and Policy review
  • Partner Development
  • Program Development
  • Building Community Support

Public Policy Events

Monarch Housing Associates has hosted a number of public events to develop public policy conversations around key community issues.

Public Policy Events

Congressional Reception

Public Policy Events


Public Policy Events

Homeless Vigil/Sabbath

Public Policy Events

Project Homeless Connect

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