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  1. I need Somerset to call me please my number is 9085761289

  2. I’m homeless right now I need help to move asap what do.I have to do

  3. I am a 1st year MSW student. I am conducting research for a Social Welfare Policy course. Any leads as to Veteran Homelessness in New Jersey and Monmouth County?

  4. I applied for HUD housing in June of 2016. By the luck of God I was chosen by lottery and put on the wait list .I was living with my son..being abused.I have brain damage and also permanent spine damageI’ve had 2 spine surgeries ..I was told in August it would be about 2 weeks for me to be called. Well after I keep falling down the family found a small house for me to rent.they paid my rent for 2 months.because I was being told 2 it’s almost January and my rent is due on the 1st and u can’t get any information on when they will call me..can anyone help me before I get evicted from this house. Thank you

  5. I my name is Lisa Ann. I am a new non-profit corporation looking to be a part of the solution in New Jersey. Please advise how we can help and participate in all homelessness prevention events.

  6. I’m homeless with my 6month old and 3year old … I’m going tomorrow to fill out an application

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