The BIPOC Developers’ Collaborative

Welcome to our collection of resources! Here you’ll find information on programs that offer support to emerging developers and/or developers of color in the affordable housing space.

Also housed on this page are documents regarding research, policy recommendations, news, and other information pertaining to the BIPOC Developers’ Collaborative are collected on this page.

Affordable Housing Development Webinar Series

Offered By: Grow America

Cost: Free!

In Progress. Several sessions remaining.

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A new report describing the extremely low rate of contracts awarded to certified minority-owned businesses, among other business certifications.

A presentation on the landscape for developers of color from NJ Futures Conference 2023.

A presentation on the Diversity in Development project given at Monarch’s 2023 conference.

A report completed by Masters of Public Policy students at Rutgers University’s Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy describing existing initiatives supporting developers of color across the nation.

Comments submitted to HMFA regarding the amendments to the LIHTC QAP proposed in 2023.

A handout describing some of the barriers that developers from underserved communities face.

“Breaking the Glass Bottleneck”:

A report from Grove Impact with data on the sever underrepresentation of Black and Hispanic developers in the national real estate industry.

A New York Times article discussing the challenges developers of color, especially Black and Hispanic developers, encounter nationally.

“Black developers call for reckoning in real estate”:

An article from the Washington Post discussing the experiences of developers of color in the context of the racial equity conversations sparked by the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests.

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