System Planning & Program Development

Monarch Housing Associates understands the importance of system planning and program development to work towards the goal of ending homelessness in New Jersey. Through year-round planning and coordination, Monarch has assisted communities in the following:


  • Strategic Planning: Monarch guides communities through the process of evaluating their system, implementing strategic plans throughout the year, and highlighting the goals needed for the next year, by utilizing evidence-based strategies and innovative ideas.  Monarch supports community efforts to develop and implement plans to end homelessness through activities such as:
    • Facilitating stakeholder discussions
    • Integrating people impacted by homelessness into the planning process
    • Data analysis of system outcomes and community trends
    • Identification and tailoring of best practices to local needs


  • Program Development: Monarch actively works to bring new models in the homeless housing, service, and funding system to New Jersey. This includes the following models:
    • Housing First – Monarch has assisted communities with implementing the Housing First model throughout New Jersey. This includes development of Housing First Programs, orientation of systems to a Housing First Framework and evaluation of project and system fidelity to Housing First Principles.
    • Rapid Re-housing – Monarch has assisted communities in developing Rapid Re-housing programs that provide short term rental assistance and supportive services to families with the goal of quickly connecting families to stable permanent housing. Monarch provides support to projects in developing Rapid Re-housing protocols.  Additionally Monarch assists communities in creating performance standards and evaluation metrics for Rapid Re-Housing programs.
    • Coordinated Assessment – Monarch supports communities in developing coordinated assessment systems to ensure persons experiencing homelessness are quickly connected to the housing and services needed to regain stability in housing.  Monarch assists communities in development of assessment tools, creation of system flow protocols, implementation of communication standards and creation of referral processes.
    • Homeless Trust Fund – Monarch provides guidance to communities around the implementation of their Homeless Trust Fund to meet the standards outlined in the Homeless Trust Fund guidelines.


  • Ten-year plan implementation: Monarch works with communities in the development and implementation of ten-year plans by assisting with:
    • Strategizing for the planning process
    • Assembling key stakeholders to develop appropriate goals and action steps
    • Preparing the Ten-Year Plan Document
    • Organizing public announcements of the Ten-Year Plan
    • Assisting with implementation of the Ten-Year Plan

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