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Kyra joined Monarch Housing as an intern in January 2023 and as an associate in June 2023. She recently graduated Rutgers University’s Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy with a B.S. in Urban Planning & Design and a minor in Environmental Planning.

Housing is a human right which for decades has been put out of reach for historically marginalized communities. Explicitly acknowledging and redressing this discriminatory history is crucial to addressing systemic racism and economic injustice on a broader scale.

In the pursuit of a socially, economically, and racially just society, the voices of these communities should be the loudest; Kyra aims to amplify them through every avenue of her work. At Monarch, she works to develop plans, programs, and policy recommendations through a racial equity lens, guided by the input of diverse individuals with personal experience with housing development and homelessness. She is thrilled to play a role in the vast network of organizations and individuals working towards a more equitable future as a member of Monarch’s team.

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